what is email->set_newlin email functionality in codeigniter?

In this post we will show you what is email->set_newlin email functionality in codeigniter?, hear for what is email->set_newlin email functionality in codeigniter? we will give you detail for implement.

Different operating systems use different characters to determine a new line (the place at which a line breaks to the next line.) In HTML, the equivalent is the <br> tag. Some (old? Mac) traditionally use \r, some (Unix) traditionally use \n, and others (Windows) traditionally use both (\r\n).

Codeigniter defaults to \n (see documentation), but the writer of ion auth overrode that to use \r\n, which is the standard.

So, the program parsing the email headers (which at my best guess is *nix-based) sees the non-Unix-standard \r\n line and starts spitting the headers out as part of the body.

To the best of my knowledge, you’ll get by fine with just \n, which is why Codeigniter defaults to it. Every instance I’ve seen of people with troubles have been people using \r\n and getting the same problem you’re having.

In codeigniter, that setting defaults to ‘\n’ when you comment that line out. The setting depends on the mail server that’s being used by PHP. Sometimes postfix and some other servers will replace \r\n with \r\r\n causing errors, so in these cases it’s best to just use \n, since the standard (RFC 822) requires \r\n.

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