Flowroute SMS API using yii 1

In this post we will show you “Flowroute SMS API using yii 1, hear for Flowroute SMS API using yii 1 we will give you demo and example for implement.

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NOTE : after download git package random “src” to “FlowrouteMessagingLib”

Flowroute SMS API using yii 1 Code

#Import Message controller and model
use FlowrouteMessagingLib\Controllers\MessagesController;
use FlowrouteMessagingLib\Models\Message;

/* Demo script*/

#Instantiate the Controller and pass your API credentials

// add your API_ACCESS_KEY and API_SECRET_KEY hear

$controller = new MessagesController('API_ACCESS_KEY','API_SECRET_KEY');

#Create and Send a message
$from_number = 'FROM_PHONE_NUMBER';
//$from_number = '18444598700';

$to_number = 'TO_PHONE_NUMBER';
$to_number = '12062092844';

$message = new Message($to_number, $from_number, 'Message content');
//$message = new Message('18444205700', '12062092844', 'Get some exercise!');

#Print the response
$message_response = $controller->createMessage($message);

#Get  the MDR ID from the response
$get_mdr_id =  strval($message_response->data->id);

#Retrieve the MDR record
try {
    $mdr_record_val = $controller->getMessageLookup($get_mdr_id); 
	// 'mdr1-b334f89df8de4f8fa7ce377e06090a2e'
} catch(\FlowrouteMessagingLib\APIException $excpt) 
    print("Error - " . strval($excpt->getResponseCode()) . ' ' . $excpt->getMessage());

Response for Flowroute SMS API using yii 1

Example Response

[npas] => stdClass Object
    [201] => stdClass Object
            [nxxs] => /v1/available-tns/npanxxs/?npa=201
            [tns] => /v1/available-tns/tns/?npa=201

    [203] => stdClass Object
            [nxxs] => /v1/available-tns/npanxxs/?npa=203
            [tns] => /v1/available-tns/tns/?npa=203

    [202] => stdClass Object
            [nxxs] => /v1/available-tns/npanxxs/?npa=202
            [tns] => /v1/available-tns/tns/?npa=202


[links] => stdClass Object
    [next] => /v1/available-tns/npas/?limit=3&page=2

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