jQuery Autocomplete Search using PHP, MySQL and Ajax

In this post we are going to attempting to provide the essential ans easy idea for jQuery Autocomplete Search using jquery, mythical being and PHP.

A straightforward and short php jQuery Autocomplete Search example. essentially this instance is intended for beginner and additionally for intermediate level developers.

jQuery Autocomplete Search principally need to provide self-hypnosis once anyone kind one thing within the search field or text field. during this example, we have a tendency to area unit aiming to counsel name beginning with Start search with your name.

This jQuery Autocomplete Search example provide you with the thought to make this sort of feature in your net application in future.

jQuery Autocomplete Search using PHP - onlinecode-org
jQuery Autocomplete Search using PHP – onlinecode-org

So this jQuery Autocomplete Search using ajax example divided into three parts.

  • First need a autocomplete text box for search.
  • Second ajax function to send value and find the result.
  • Last we want to fetch autocomplete suggestion data from database and append in our result space.
    Take a fast verify this live demo to grasp the flow of the autocomplete search using jQuery, Ajax, PHP. additionally you’ll be able to transfer this script from here and may strive in your localhost or live server wherever you wish to try.

create dbconfig.php file for database connection.

create index.php the form where user input to get jQuery Autocomplete Search using PHP, MySQL and Ajax

jquery ajax function call when anything enter by user

create new readname.php for fetch data from send response and database usaing jQuery Autocomplete Search using PHP, MySQL and Ajax

And the preceding issue we want to append information to go looking result space. when populating the result user will select simply that they need to settle on for jQuery Autocomplete Search.

All the steps mentioned within the comment hope all of you get a transparent understanding of Ajax search example. therefore don’t miss clicker. to urge updated subscribe our rss feed. Thanks for observation. i believe it’ll useful the tyro in PHP. Share together with your friends.

If you wish any facilitate relating to its configuration please be happy to comment we tend to like to assist you.

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