how to magento login register issue in magento

In this post we will show you how to resolve magento login register issue. In this post we will show you how to resolve loging and register issue of magento front-end and back-end login. By using this code we can resolve issue of

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Solution – 1 :: For magento login register issue

Go to


For Magento 1.9.* and upto

For older versions of Magento was recommented in the same file

Solution – 2 :: For magento login register issue

Magento login not working
Magento login not working

If Cookie domain doesn’t match the actual site domain :-
Go to magento admin panel, System > Configuration > Web > Session Cookie
And set cookie actual site domain.

subdomain of Magento cookie settings

Your live system cookie are set for, which means for your live system domain and also all subdomains. Because is a subdomain, both cookies are valid for it.

Try the following settings, then Magento will set cookies for and and your live domain’s cookies will not interfere with your subdomain’s.

And alos Change

‘Use HTTP only’ to ‘No’ in ‘Session Cookies Management’ of the ‘Web’ settings.
NOTE : if http protocol of daomin.

And alos Change

Inscrise cookie Lifetime more then 3600 to 86400 .

Solution – 3 :: For magento login register issue

Sessions couldn’t get written to /var/session, even though the directory itself is set to 0777 folder permission. Magento created session files, but they all remained zero bytes.

change session storage from files to database


Go to /var/session and delete all file, it’s because too many session in Magento.

Solution – 4 :: For magento login register issue

Magento 1.9.* is using form key validation to customer loggin and register page.

form key issue resolve : form key missing so add this code in loggin and register page.

Go to page of loggin and register and add this line after