How Signifyd will work in Magento2.2

In this post we will show you How Signifyd will work in Magento2.2, hear for How Signifyd will work in Magento2.2 we will give you demo and example for implement.

How Signifyd will work in Magento2.2 ::

  1. When an order is placed on your Magento store, Signifyd immediately places order on hold to determine if it’s fraudulent.
  2. Within seconds, we’ll tell you whether you should accept and ship order (Approved), or cancel and not ship the order (Declined). The decision is displayed in “Guarantee Status” column in Magento Orders grid, and links to the case details within the Signifyd console.
  3. If an order is approved for guarantee, Signifyd will unhold order and update order status to Pending within the Orders grid. (Please note that Signifyd can’t send out any emails to this effect.) Signifyd can also simply leave order on hold, if merchant prefers.
  4. If an order is declined for guarantee, Signifyd will leave order on hold, allowing merchant to decide if they choose to cancel order, or ship without chargeback protection.

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