How to update docx file using php

In this post we will show you How to update docx file using php, hear for How to update docx file using php we will give you demo and example for implement.

Hear we will show you how to Edit .doc or .docx file using php. Hear we use “client_full_name”, “client_email_address”, “date_today”, “client_website”, “client_mobile_number” in .doc or .docx files

$template_file_name = 'template.docx';

$rand_no = rand(111111, 999999);
$fileName = "results_" . $rand_no . ".docx";

$folder   = "results_";
$full_path = $folder . '/' . $fileName;

	if (!file_exists($folder))
	//Copy the Template file to the Result Directory
	copy($template_file_name, $full_path);

	// add calss Zip Archive
	$zip_val = new ZipArchive;

	//Docx file is nothing but a zip file. Open this Zip File
	if($zip_val->open($full_path) == true)
		// In the Open XML Wordprocessing format content is stored.
		// In the document.xml file located in the word directory.
		$key_file_name = 'word/document.xml';
		$message = $zip_val->getFromName($key_file_name);				
		$timestamp = date('d-M-Y H:i:s');
		// this data Replace the placeholders with actual values
		$message = str_replace("client_full_name",		"onlinecode org",       $message);
		$message = str_replace("client_email_address",	"",	$message);
		$message = str_replace("date_today",			$timestamp,	  			$message);		
		$message = str_replace("client_website",		"",	$message);		
		$message = str_replace("client_mobile_number",	"+1999999999",		    $message);
		//Replace the content with the new content created above.
		$zip_val->addFromString($key_file_name, $message);
catch (Exception $exc) 
	$error_message =  "Error creating the Word Document";


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