Angularjs mvc architecture example – Angularjs mvc example

In this post we will give you Angularjs mvc architecture example. hear we will give you simple Angularjs mvc architecture example thet will help you devlop Angularjs mvc architecture application or website.

Angularjs mvc architecture example for Model read Controller that is incredibly widespread style pattern in net world. It helps you to organise your application in 3 totally different layers and isolate the business logic from its presentation.

MORE INFO ABOUT Angularjs mvc architecture

  • Model – represent current state and knowledge of your application
  • View – accountable to display/show the info
  • Controller – accountable to controls the relation between Models and Views.

Now let’s perceive however these 3 part works in AngularJS MVC design step by step.

Model – Model in AngularJS, it consists of all premitive data kind like number, string and Boolean and complex kind in a similar way of object. In simple word it is solely an evident javascript object. but you may build your it from any info like Mysql or Sql Server or from JSON file. In below given syntax $scope is an object, consumer is variable that’s supplementary to scope object.

Syntax for Model :: Angularjs mvc architecture example

View – view in AngularJS, It is the DOM elements which is used to display data. To display data from controller, use expression in It. Since AngularJS supports two-way data binding any changes in model data, it will update automatically.

Syntax for View :: Angularjs mvc architecture example

Controller – Controller in AngularJS, It provide control over view and model in order to fatch the data as per request and display for the view and Most important thing here is your model is lives inside the It.

Syntax for Controller :: Angularjs mvc architecture example

Angularjs mvc architecture example